C H I E N F O U ° Your local border-crossing marketing partner

Active since 2010, Chienfou is your local go-to marketing partner in the tri-state area. However, unlike other marketing agencies, Chienfou is a collective of independent marketing and consultancy professionals from all the neighboring countries. This allows us to create highly effective local and border-crossing awareness for your brand! Moreover, thanks to our international and independent approach we can guarantee you the lowest available prices while safeguarding quality and effectiveness. 

How can we help you?

Together ahead, that’s our motto! We strongly believe that any undertaking should be preceded by a strong connection with our client. This enables us to really comprehend the overarching purpose of your demand and to identify any potential opportunity. Whether you want to improve your sales, set up a marketing campaign or start your own business, we’ll actively listen and support you throughout the whole process.








Then how do we proceed?

Interested in our services? Let us know and we’ll set up a kick-off meeting. At a local café of your choosing, we’ll explore all options together. According to your requirements the initial meeting will be with an expert in the field of your  needs. Please note that this meeting can easily take up a few hours because we want to fully understand your business and aim. But do not worry, the drinks are on us and the meeting is free!

After we’ve completely understood your needs and goals we’ll crunch the numbers and come up with multiple propositions according to your specifications. This allows you to choose from a broad range of effective solutions while staying true to your budget. Moreover, we guarantee the lowest prices on the market. Found somewhere cheaper? Let us know and we’ll adjust accordingly!

Decided which solution fits you the best? Perfect! As soon as our creative team starts working on your solution, we’ll keep you in the loop for instant feedback. This enables us to create a perfectly tailored solution to your every needs. Moreover, our solutions are always up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

After the design phase and with your approval, the finalized product will be launched. Throughout the launch, you will be actively supported by us both online and offline. This because this is often the most critical phase.

And even after our cooperation you can continue to count on us. Whether you want to expand your services with us or simply need help with a previous project. We’ll be there for you!

Why choose Chienfou?

  • You want to improve your brand awareness in the region
  • You want to increase your sales leads
  • You want to expand your business to the neighboring countries
  • You want to open up a new market
  • You want to get a new corporate design
  • You need help with your start-up
  • You want to spend less time on your website and focus on your core business
  • You need a consultant for a new project
  • You want all of this for the best price available


Did you know about one million tourists visit Maastricht every year?


Let's reach them together!